Assumption is one of the oldest Catholic parochial schools in Jacksonville. Our community looks forward to the future, knowing that the school has been built on a solid faith foundation with steadfast principles and values.


The partish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin parish was established in 1913, with its first Mass offered in a rented store. The original Assumption School was opened at the corner of Gary and Naldo Streets in 1923. Its 110 students were taught by the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine.


In 1948, the pastor Fr. James Cloonan oversaw the purchase of land on Atlantic Blvd. The existing building on the property, which was formerly the Merrill-Stevens Shipyard Administration Building, was converted into a school. The new ACS opened in 1949 with 317 students and under the new leadership of the Sisters of St. Dominic from Adrian, Michigan.


In 1955, the present Assumption Catholic Church was built on property adjacent to the school. The growth of the parish and school continued, and in 1958, the convent was constructed, making space for six additional classrooms.

In 1965, under the leadership of Monsignor Harold Jordan, the fifth through eighth-grade classrooms were built along with the Parish Hall. These additional buildings allowed the school to convert the old auditorium into a library and media center.

Monsignor Eugene Kohls became the pastor in 1977. During his time at Assumption, a new activity center was built, freeing the Parish Hall for school use. A preschool for three and four-year-olds was implemented, and in 1996, the original school building was completely renovated and updated.

Shortly after Fr. Fred Parke became pastor of Assumption in 2002, he began the Heritage & Horizons building campaign. Through this campaign, the middle school and Early Childhood Learning Center were built. Fr. Fred also led the way in bringing the Sisters Home of the Mother to Assumption, as well as the perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


Today, our more than 500 students learn from the Sisters and visit the Blessed Sacrament regularly. Thanks to Fr. Fred’s leadership and initiatives, Assumption is a community genuinly “united in the Eucharist.”

Construction projects completed over the past 15 years have included the addition of the Family Life Center, housing the gym, art, and music classrooms. Opening in 2016, the Early Childhood Learning Center and Middle School expansion were much needed spaces allowing the campus and student population to further expand. 

Following fundraising efforts by the Home & School Association, a $250,000 playground renovation was completed and unveiled in January of 2024. 

Fr. Jason Trull assumed the role of pastor on July 1, 2019. He is a native son of Assumption and a member of the Assumption Class of ’88 and Bishop Kenny Class of ’92. He looks forward to many prosperous years of ministry at Assumption. 

As one of Jacksonville’s oldest parochial schools, Assumption is poised for the future, grounded in enduring principles and values that have remained steadfast amidst an ever-evolving society.